The MedGuard Plan provides lump sum benefit payments to the insured to help offset any out of pocket healthcare expenses or other household expenses if a covered critical health incident occurs in the future. Additionally, even if a covered critical health incident does not occur, 100% of the Plan’s benefit amount is paid to the named beneficiary upon the insured’s death. This unique and valuable MedGuard coverage is achieved by combining the Plan’s 5-year renewable term life benefit payable to the named beneficiary with a stated percentage of the Plan’s life benefit paid in lump sum to the insured for covered critical illnesses, injuries and surgeries. The life benefit is reduced by the amount of lump sum benefits paid.

Quality coverage for periods of critical illness.

Although nobody likes to think about it, the possibility of being diagnosed with a critical illness is real. Every day thousands of Americans suffer a life threatening illness such as cancer, heart attack, or stroke.

You or a family member may one day be diagnosed with a critical illness; however, You have a greater chance of surviving that illness now more than ever. Advances in healthcare have increased survival rates tremendously; but recovery times may be extensive. The bills — both medical and non-medical — can be considerable. Are You and Your family prepared to shoulder that kind of expense?

MedGuard critical illness insurance can help fill the gap between health insurance and life insurance. Health insurance provides benefits for medical treatment but doesn’t include benefits for nonmedical expenses. Life insurance pays benefits, but after death. What if You survive a critical illness? Where will You find the financial resources to cover non-medical costs during recovery?

If You are diagnosed with a covered condition or undergo a covered critical surgery, MedGuard will pay a portion of the Death Benefit to You in a lump-sum cash payment upon diagnosis.1

Life Threatening Cancer100% of the Total Benefit Amount
Heart Attack100% of the Total Benefit Amount
Stroke100% of the Total Benefit Amount
Kidney Failure100% of the Total Benefit Amount
Major Organ Transplant100% of the Total Benefit Amount
Permanent Paralysis100% of the Total Benefit Amount
Terminal Illness100% of the Total Benefit Amount
Aorta Graft Surgery25% of the Total Benefit Amount
Heart Valve Surgery25% of the Total Benefit Amount
Coronary Angioplasty10% of the Total Benefit Amount
Death Benefit - Primary Insured/SpouseBased on selected monthly premium
Death Benefit - Dependent ChildLimited up to $15,000 and will not exceed 50% of Primary Insured’s coverage or exceed Spouse’s coverage
1st through 90th day Total Benefit Amount for any Life Threatening Cancer$500
1st through 30th day Total Benefit Amount other than Life Threatening Cancer$500

Should You Buy MedGuard?

If You have financial obligations, such as a mortgage, or if you have savings you don’t want to spend on recovery, MedGuard critical illness insurance may be for You. If You are a parent responsible for providing for Your children, You should consider MedGuard. If You become ill and require a long recovery time with a loss of income, MedGuard can provide you with a monetary alternative. The benefit amount You receive can help You focus on fully recovering and not on worrying where You will find the money to pay your bills.

You can use the cash for any purpose You deem necessary such as helping to:

  • Protect Your assets from being spent on recovery
  • Replace lost income for You & Your care‑providing spouse
  • Pay Your mortgage or other obligations
  • Offset out-of-pocket or medical expenses not covered by health insurance
  • Pay for experimental treatment
  • Pay COBRA or other insurance premiums
  • Pay home healthcare expenses
  • Pay tuition expenses if You need to return to school
  • Reduce Your debt
  • Maintain Your Family’s lifestyle
  • Pay Your taxes
  • Pay travel and temporary housing expenses for You and Your Family while receiving care away from home
  • Renovate Your home or relocate
  • Pay for childcare
  • Finance or protect Your children’s college tuition
  • Maintain Your business during recovery

1 The Death Benefit for the Primary Insured and the Spouse of the Primary Insured will be reduced by 50% on the respective 65th birthday of the Primary Insured and the Spouse of the Primary Insured. Benefits are reduced by the amount of the Critical Illness Benefit previously paid.

MedGuard is not available in all states. Please contact a licensed agent for more information. Limitations, Waiting Periods and Exclusions may apply.

The MedGuard Plan is a 5-year, renewable term life insurance plan with the plan’s stated death benefit paid to the insured’s designated beneficiary. The MedGuard plan also contains an accelerated critical illness benefit, which provides the accelerated lump sum payment to the insured, while living, the stated percentage of the death benefit, if the insured is diagnosed with a covered critical illness or covered critical injury or undergoes a covered critical surgical procedure. Life insurance plans are not considered “health insurance” under the ACA. The ACA generally required individuals to maintain “minimum essential coverage” or be subject to the payment of the annual shared responsibility payment with the payment of their taxes to the federal government. Congress eliminated the shared responsibility payment in 2019 and beyond for individuals who do not maintain ACA “minimum essential coverage” during 2019 or any year thereafter.

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