The HealthAccess Specified Disease/Sickness and Accident PPO Plans are offered without medical underwriting and provide first dollar payments for expenses incurred for covered healthcare services without a calendar year deductible having to be first satisfied. These plans utilize your selected network and pay the expenses charged for covered services after the PPO discount, up-to each benefit maximum.

The HealthAccess Difference

  • HealthAccess Specified Disease/Sickness Plan and the HealthAccess Accident Plan are available without medical underwriting.
  • You May Choose Any Doctor and Any Hospital! But You can stretch Your dollars further by choosing an In-Network Provider.
  • No Calendar Year Deductibles to Satisfy! 
  • Each Plan pays in addition to any coverage You have in force.
  • Your initial rate is guaranteed for 12 months at no extra charge!1
  • 24-hour coverage, on or off the job.
  • Portable coverage You can take with You even if You move or change jobs.
  • The HealthAccess Specified Disease/Sickness Plan and HealthAccess Accident Plan are not essential health benefit plans under the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”). Instead, they will supplement an essential health benefit plan under which You must first satisfy a deductible every year before You are eligible to receive benefit payments.2

1 The Premium Rate Guarantee Period does not apply to any rate change due to: change of address; addition of Insureds; change of benefits or options; change of Mode Of Premium Payment; group policy coverage if applicable, benefits, limitation or exclusion changes; or any future requirements of any federal or state law.

2 The ACA generally required individuals to maintain “minimum essential coverage” or be subject to the payment of the annual shared responsibility payment with the payment of their taxes to the federal government from 2014 – 2018. Congress eliminated the shared responsibility payment in 2019 and beyond for individuals who do not maintain ACA “minimum essential coverage” during 2019 or any year thereafter. The HealthAccess Specified Disease/Sickness Plan and the HealthAccess Accident Plan provide benefits for covered medical services but are neither traditional major medical plans nor Workers’ Compensation plans under state law. The HealthAccess Specified Disease/Sickness Plan and the HealthAccess Accident Plans are considered “excepted benefit plans” under the ACA and are not “minimum essential coverage” plans under the ACA.

HealthAccess is not available in all states. Please contact a licensed agent for more information. Limitation, Waiting Periods, and Exclusions apply.

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